The only pineapple (sauce) that's allowed on pizza.

THe o.g.
hot sauce

Our original chilli sauce number; Made with BBQ'ed pineapple, a two punch combo of scotched and long red chillis. It’s sweet, hot and fresh baby. 

£4.95 + postage

Get me some saaawce

What is a Barnfather?  You're a Barnfather... anyway, you! As you're reading this I can tell you're interested in whats going on here. We're three housemates and a love for hot sauce, chilli sauce, whatever you want to call it – real flavour. All our sauces are made from only fresh ingredients and zero preserves. Join the movement and see what all the fuss is about.


We’re the new new kids on the block and dropping hot sauce to new stores each week;


Whats gwanning?


So you don’t miss out homies here is the feed to our social pages. Plenty of competitions, events, markets, and pop-ups coming this summer. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out.

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