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The only pineapple (sauce) that's allowed on pizza.

General FAQS


q. What’s in the O.G sauce?:


A: Pure awesomeness! ... but if you want to know the ingredients it's a mix of - Habaneros, Jalapenos, Long Chillis, Pineapple, Lime, Sugar, Salt & Vinegar. Simple.


q. How long does the sauce keep?


See the back label for the best before date. Once opened, refridgerate and consume within 28 days.


q. Where can I buy the sauce?


A: Check out our stockists here , if there's nowhere near you send us a message, and we'll try get into a shop near you.

A: We’re usually at market, follow us on Instagram (@barnfathers) / subscribe here to keep updated on our stockists.


Have further questions?

Feel free to ping us a message, or DM on insta/twitter @barnfathers